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Community Leadership: City Councilwoman Elena Guajardo
Despite the controversy that emerged after the George Dickerson suicide, Elena Guajardo has proven her competence as an able representative for the voters of District 7. During her tenure, she has also provided valuable leadership for the GLBT community. She has been instrumental in working with police officials to improve relations with the GLBT community. When anti-gay protestors were picketing H-E-B, she met with H-E-B executives and organized a community response. She has been working with the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau to find ways to promote more GLBT tourism. Guajardo has become the "go to" politician when GLBT issues arise in San Antonio. We applaud her efforts and wish her the best of luck in her re-election campaign.

Civil Service: Police Chief William McManus
Ever since his appointment earlier this year, Police Chief William McManus has proven his determination to improve the Police Department’s historically rocky relationship with San Antonio’s GLBT community. McManus has stated that he does not endorse gay witch-hunts or the entrapment of gay men by undercover police. He allows the Peace Officer’s Liaison Committee, a GLBT group, to attend police cadet training sessions and suggest curriculum. He and his patrol officers attended meetings with gay bar owners to discuss crime reduction. With his background as the GLBT liaison to the Washington DC police, McManus brings a much-needed, fresh perspective to the SAPD.

Community Activism: The Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio
Even though it is by definition a group that endorses and promotes the election of GLBT-friendly Democrats, the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio are a vital force throughout the community. Their monthly meetings, which are open to the public, offer unique access not only to politicians seeking GLBT votes but also to important public officials. This year’s speakers have included City Manager Sheryl Sculley, Police Chief William McManus and Capt. Larry Birney, the SAPD’s GLBT Liaison. The Peace Officer’s Liaison Committee got its start through the Stonewall Democrats and Stonewall members are active in State politics as well. Whether its marching for immigrant rights or getting out the vote, the Stonewall Democrats are to be commended for their contribution to community activism.


Homophobe of the Year: Radio Show Host Adam McManus
No one in San Antonio seems more fixated on condemning the GLBT community than KSLR-AM Christian talk-show jock Adam McManus. His notoriety index soared in June when he organized three anti-gay pickets of H-E-B after the grocer donated $300 to PrideFest. The protests, which started out with dozens of protestors, eventually fizzled out, as did his planned boycott of the stores. Earlier in the year McManus and his anti-gay disciples picketed WOAI-TV to protest the series "The Book of Daniel" which featured a gay character and a pain-pill-popping Episcopalian minister who had conversations with Jesus.

Mudslinger Award: Political Candidate Genie Wright
Using Judge Monica Guerrero’s sexual orientation as a smear tactic in the race for County Court at Law, No. 7, proved a fruitless campaign ploy for candidate Genie Wright, a lawyer and former schoolteacher who manages her husband’s medical practice. Wright’s most onerous stunt came when she teamed up with Christian radio talk show host Adam McManus and ambushed Guerrero on-air. Wright would not debate the issues but rather let McManus and his callers taunt Guerrero with their anti-gay views. Wright lost to Guerrero by a margin of almost 20,000 votes.

Foot in the Mouth Award: Television Anchorman Chris Marrou
Those who watch KENS-TV’s evening newscasts are familiar with anchorman Chris Marrou’s distracting habit of adding his own comments to the news reports he reads. On one evening last January, after a report about the People’s Choice Awards, Marrou commented, "Why didn't they just give one of those guys from 'Brokeback Mountain' best actress?" He and weatherman Bill Taylor then followed up with some host banter that included Marrou remarking that actor Heath Ledger "Plays it both ways." The comments lead to complaints to the KENS’ newsroom and apologies to viewers from Executive News Director Kurt Davis. Our suggestion: Chris, stick to the script.

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