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Honorable Mentions

Community Leadership: The Peace Officer’s Liaison Committee
Organized in 2006 under the aegis of the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio, the Peace Officer’s Liaison Committee fulfilled their goal this year by conducting the first GLBT sensitivity training classes at the SAPD’s Police Academy. Thanks to the efforts of its original chair, Travis Peterson, the Liaison Committee showed a great deal of fortitude and perseverance in getting these classes organized. Now chaired by Rev. Mick Hinson of MCC S.A., the group intends to continue this important training in 2008.

Civil Service: County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
The San Antonio HIV/AIDS community has no greater advocate than County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson. Commissioner Adkisson has worked hard this year to help raise more funds for local AIDS organizations as federal funding has increasingly diminished. One example of his efforts came last September when thanks to his intercession, the Bexar County Commissioners approved a distribution of $100,000 to the San Antonio AIDS Foundation to help the agency cover costs for its transportation and hot meals programs.

Community Activism: San Antonio Gender Association
Even though it is a small group, in terms of membership, the San Antonio Gender Association’s members have taken leadership positions in the local chapters of the Stonewall Democrats and the Human Rights Campaign, and have maintained a highly visible presence at GLBT gatherings throughout the city. During this year, when the Employment Discrimination Act presented before the House of Representatives excluded them, members of SAGA helped put a human face on the plight of the transsexual individuals who reside in San Antonio. They are to be commended for their activism.

Dishonorable Mentions

Benign Neglect Award: City Councilwoman Mary Alice Cisneros
District 1 City Councilwoman Mary Alice Cisneros, wife of former Mayor Henry Cisneros, sailed to victory during last spring’s election. However, she did so without seeking the endorsement of the GLBT community, even though most of San Antonio's gay-friendly neighborhoods are in her district. Cisneros submitted a completed questionnaire to the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio, which included "uncertain" responses on several questions and a "no" response to the question of whether San Antonio should provide city funding for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention. She also failed to appear at Stonewall’s April 1 candidate forum despite assurances that she would be present. As a result, Stonewall decided to endorse her opponent, Green Party candidate Kat Swift.

Hate Mongering in the Name of Christ Award: KSLR AM Radio
Christofascism. Hate mongering. Homophobia. These are just some of the behaviors exhibited by the listeners of KSLR-AM, a local "Christian" radio station that was behind an effort to smear Police Chief William McManus because he participated as Grand Marshal of the Gay Pride Parade on July 2. KSLR’s anti-gay "Christians" took their hate-filled display before the City Council where they called for the Chief’s dismissal and heckled those who chose to speak in favor of San Antonio’s top cop. In August, the same group tried unsuccessfully to block Dr. Lynne Armstrong, the co-chair of the Stonewall Democrats, from being re-appointed to the city’s Affirmative Action Advisory Committee because she is a lesbian.

Foot in the Mouth Award: Joey Villarreal, Tavern Owner
Four images by photographer Marc L. Arevalo that were scheduled to be exhibited at Joe’s Blues, a bar located in the Blue Star Arts Complex, were removed after the owner of that establishment said they would attract a gay clientele. Joey Villarreal, the proprietor of Joe’s Blues, told Arevalo that the photos had to be taken down because the people in the pictures looked like drag queens. Villarreal is also owner of the Blue Star Brewery and Joey’s on North St. Mary’s.

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