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Local Catholic Church to host same-sex marriage forum
QSanAntonio, June 20, 2014

Our Lady of Atonement Catholic Church on Red Robin Road in far Northwest San Antonio will play host on June 25 to a forum dubbed, "One, Man, One Woman: Is there still a case for traditional marriage?"

According to literature promoting the event, the forum will address "Catholic teaching, public policy and the contemporary same-sex marriage debate."

There will be two panelists: R. Michael Dunnigan, JD, JCL, General Counsel, St. Joseph Foundation; and David H. Delany, PhD, Director, Mother of the Americas Institute. The moderator is Richard Reyna of Guadalupe Radio.

R. Michael Dunnigan (Photo: stjosephcanonlaw.com)

According to their web site, the St. Joseph Foundation's "primary purpose is to assist faithful Catholics in using the means established by the Church (the system of canon law) to obtain remedies for violations of their rights within the Church."

The Mother of the Americas Institute is a "think tank assisting the universal Church and the Church in the United States in the New Evangelization" which calls all Catholics to be evangelized and then go forth to evangelize.

In a post on the event's Facebook page Dunnigan writes this forum is "about marriage, rather than homosexuality."

Dunnigan notes that he will give a "summary of the U.S. legal history concerning recognition of same-sex marriage, and Dr. Delaney will explain the Catholic theology of marriage, with a special emphasis on sexual complementarity."

In broad terms, sexual complementarity is the belief that heterosexual marriage is the only valid form of marriage because men and women have different anatomies which compliment each other in procreation. By extension, the theory defines each gender's role in marriage with men providing family leadership and women being subservient to their husbands.

After their presentations, both speakers will "respond to moderator questions and audience questions, on such subjects as whether the same-sex marriage movement is analogous to the civil rights movement and whether recognition of same-sex marriage would harm traditional marriages."

The Mother of the Americas Institute and the St. Joseph Foundation present "One, Man, One Woman: Is There Still a Case for Traditional Marriage." A forum on Catholic teaching, public policy and the contemporary same-sex marriage debate. Wednesday, June 25 from 7 - 8:30 p.m. at St. Anthony Hall, Our Lady of Atonement Catholic Church, 15415 Red Robin Road.