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CAUSA to weigh in on interim mayor selection
QSanAntonio, June 25, 2014

Members of the Community Alliance for a United San Antonio (CAUSA) met on June 24 to discuss, among other things, the selection of the interim mayor and who might best fill the position.

Many in the LGBT community have expressed concern about who might replace Mayor Julian Castro ever since an article in the San Antonio Express-News said that City Councilwoman Ivy Taylor appeared to be the frontrunner for the job.

Last September, Taylor voted against the city's nondiscrimination ordinance citing personal and religious objections to the measure. Taylor has said she will support the NDO because it is now "the law of the land." However, for some LGBT activists, this is not enough to support her as interim mayor.

In a June 15 article, former CAUSA co-chair Dan Graney told the Express-News, "I don't think she's representative of this entire city. She doesn't support equality for LGBT people, and it's very bothersome. I don't think she should spend one day in the mayor's office because of it.”

While some CAUSA members agree with Graney, others feel that Taylor should be given a chance to "evolve" on LGBT issues, saying that they would like to meet with Taylor before dismissing her out of hand.

At the meeting, CAUSA members decided that they would arrange meetings with who they see as the top three candidates for interim mayor: Ivy Taylor, Ray Lopez and Cris Medina.

Medina, who represents District 7, has not "officially" announced that he is interested in becoming interim mayor. However in a June 8 article, columnist Josh Baugh wrote in the Express-News:

"Medina, who aspires to win the appointment, said he's mostly likely willing to pledge not to run in 2015 if that puts his colleagues at ease in selecting an interim mayor. 'I've told my colleagues with certainty if not choosing to run in 2015 would take the politics out of it, I would with certainty strongly consider not running in 2015,' he said."

Both Medina and Lopez voted in favor of the nondiscrimination ordinance and before that approved the measure to extend domestic partner benefits to city employees including same-sex couples. However, Lopez has said he intends to run for mayor, a choice that some say would give him an unfair advantage in next year's mayoral race.

Some on the City Council, most notably Diego Bernal, say the interim mayor should be someone who will not run for the office later.

CAUSA leadership at the meeting said they would issue a statement of expectations for the next mayor once they had met with the three council members.

On thing nearly all CAUSA members agreed on was that no member of the City Council should be openly criticized. They urged members to stick to talking points that emphasized that the next mayor should be someone who supports equality for all of the city's citizens.

LGBT activists balk at idea of Ivy Taylor as interim mayor
QSanAntonio, June 16, 2014
Political activists in the LGBT community say they are concerned by the news that City Councilwoman Ivy Taylor may be the frontrunner for the post of interim mayor after Mayor Julian Castro leaves San Antonio to take a position in President Obama's cabinet.

A Look To The Future, Not the Past
By Randy Bear, Bexar Left and Right, June 17, 2014
It seems that some within our city’s LGBT community don’t seem to be able to move past a vote taken almost a year ago with regards to the non-discrimination ordinance. One of the potential candidates for interim mayor, Councilwoman Ivy Taylor, is being rejected, not because of her work on council, but because of her vote on the ordinance, as if that one vote completely defined her council career.

Commentary: The next mayor of San Antonio must support equality for all
By Dan Graney, QSanAntonio, June 17, 2014
I was recently quoted in the San Antonio Express-News as opposing the appointment of District 2 City Councilwoman Ivy Taylor as interim mayor after Mayor Castro is confirmed and sworn in as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. I just wanted to issue a statement that elaborates on why I think she does not deserve to be the mayor of this great city, not even for one minute.