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Letters to QSanAntonio
Do you have an opinion about something that you've read in QSanAntonio? All letters should include your full name and telephone number. You will be called to verify the letter’s publication. Your letter can be published with your initials only if you wish. Letters should as brief as needed to make your point. We reserve the right to edit letters for length and clarity. All letters become the property of QSanAntonio Publishing.

Why America needs Mary Cheney
By Michelle Cottle, The Daily Beast, April 23, 2014
Mary, the proud Republican lesbian sister who emerged from Liz’s Senate debacle looking like a total ass-kicker, is a behind-the-scenes operator—but it’s time for her to run for office.

Who is sticking up for Southern LGBT families?
By Gabriel Blau, Advocate.com, April 23, 2014
More U.S. LGBT families live in the South than any other region. So why are they so vulnerable to discrimination and violence?

EU and Ukraine: too busy to protect gay rights?
By Bogdan Globa, EUObserver.com, April 23, 2014
The new Ukrainian government has just made a u-turn on protecting gay rights and the European Commission is playing along.

Franklin Graham’s detestable anti-gay statements
By Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post, April 22, 2014
While filling in for Melissa Harris-Perry on her MSNBC show last month, I wagged my finger at evangelist Franklin Graham. The son of revered preacher Billy Graham wrote that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is right” in the actions he has taken against gay men and lesbians in his country. He compounded that shame yesterday on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.”

Gay marriage - Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
Daily Kos, April 21, 2014
So why the rush by the media and the dominant culture to support gay marriage? Is it a sincere desire to accept gay folks for who we are or is it more about shoring up and reinforcing the failing institution of marriage?

U.S. could take lesson from India ruling
Editorial, Bay Area Reporter, April 17, 2014
A two-judge panel of the Supreme Court of India got it right this week when it ruled that transgender people be treated as "third gender" and that their rights be safeguarded under the country's constitution. The panel also upheld transgender people's right to decide their self-identified gender.

Rethinking the shame game against homophobes
By Matthew J. Beier, Advocate.com, April 16, 2014
Let’s stop the name calling, mud-slinging, and reciprocated hatred. While it can be downright difficult to keep the venom at bay when confronting opponents of human rights, it is not the way toward the enlightenment we’re trying to encourage.

LBJ’s civil rights legacy and its importance to LGBT Americans
By Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post, August 11, 2014
In his speech Thursday commemorating the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, President Obama talked about the enduring power of one of President Johnson’s signature accomplishments.

Supreme Court doesn't want to be involved with your gay wedding photos
By Michelle Dean, Gawker.com, April 8, 2014
Today the Supreme Court turned down the opportunity to rule on a case about same-sex wedding photography that fulfills every nightmare religious conservatives in America have about our new era of gay rights.

The new gay orthodoxy
By Frank Bruni, New York Times, April 6, 2014
The ouster of Mozilla's chief executive suggests a shrinking room for debate.

Why coming out is a question of safety, not honesty
By Zack Ford, ThinkProgress.org, April 3, 2014
Arizona State Sen. Olivia Cajero Bedford (D) is concerned that her colleague Sen. Steve Gallardo (D) is being dishonest by continuing in his role as Senate Minority Whip while running for Congress. Gallardo also just revealed that he is gay, which Bedford believes supports her concerns about his honesty: “Why was he hiding it?”

The New York Times’ gay generalizations are sloppy
By Kevin O'Keefe, Advocate.com, April 2, 2014
Not all LGBT people consider “homosexual” a slur. I certainly don’t.

Do gay people still need gay bars?
BBC.com, April 1, 2014
With the advent of gay marriage in Britain, and many countries moving towards total legal equality, is there still a need for gay bars, asks Elizabeth Hotson.

Will Christians condemn persecution of gays?
By LZ Granderson, CNN.com, March 31, 2014
If you're curious why more and more people are leaving the church, maybe it's because they hear "love the sinner but hate the sin" from the pulpit -- and then see so many followers go about their day as if simply saying the word "love" excused them from actually having to show any.

An open letter to Franklin Graham
By Warren J. Blumenfeld, Huffington Post, March 27, 2014
So, Frank, I read your March 2014 column in Decision Magazine, the organ of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, which is named in honor of your father. In your column you took President Barack Obama to task while praising Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, for standing against homosexuality and "homosexual propaganda."

Sebelius on LGBT Health Awareness Week
By HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebellus, Windy City Times, March 27, 2014
LGBT Health Awareness Week is an important time to bring attention to the unique health needs of LGBT Americans and to highlight the progress we've made in our work to ensure LGBT Americans have the same rights and protections as other Americans, especially through implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Episcopal bishops on gay marriage: Discrimination is not the Lord's way
By Wendell Gibbs Jr., Todd Ousley, Rayford J. Ray and Whayne M. Hougland Jr.
Detroit Free Press, March 25, 2014
As bishops of the Episcopal Church in Michigan, we are compelled by our office and our conscience to present a perspective on marriage equality that differs substantively from the positions of our state’s top elected leaders and the religious leaders whose voices have dominated the public square.

Fake hookup profiles raise concerns
Editorial Bay Area Reporter, March 20, 2014
We want to encourage innovation around gay men's health. So it was concerning to learn this week about a new outreach program conducted by San Mateo County health officials. It's a bait and switch tactic that has the potential to backfire badly.

The fight for LGBT equality will be won with beer
By Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon.com, March 18, 2014
It’s one thing when the mayors of cities with strong Irish American populations take a stand and refuse to march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. But when the beer companies back off, now that is major.

The Ugandan tabloid that stole our pride
Denver David Robinson, New York Times, March 17, 2014
I have learned from my Ugandan friends that to achieve any lasting change, we must be willing to step forward — often, alone.

Why 'Frozen' is obviously about lesbians -- To some people
By Eric Charles, PhD, Psychology Today, March 13, 2014
Some people are so afraid of homosexuality that they will project their fear onto anything in pop culture.

Don't act, don't tell
Psychology Today, March 12, 2014
Anti-gay laws have metastasized globally over the past few years and now prescribe a variety of consequences for being—or seeming—gay.

Desperate politics prove victory is close
By Drew Sheldrick, Star Observer, March 10, 2014
Last month’s defeat of Arizona’s “religious freedom” bill, SB1062, and the defeat of a similar measure in Kansas a week prior – is most significant because it marks the beginning of the end in the battle for marriage equality in the US.

Religious right runs out of steam in Arizona
By Francis Wilkinson, Stars and Stripes, March 6, 2014
Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill, sponsored by fellow Republicans, to allow business owners the right to deny service to gay and lesbian customers on the basis of religious beliefs. It was a jarring example of religious conservatives in open, full-throated conflict with mainstream culture.

Refusing to photograph a gay wedding isn't hateful
By Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic, March 5, 2014
The working assumption is that homophobia, anti-gay bigotry, and hatred are obviously what's motivating anyone who declines to provide a service for a gay wedding. That assumption is wrongheaded.

It’s time to turn off the gaydar for good
By Scott Cost, FortMillTimes.com, March 4, 2014
I’m not here to pick sides. I’m here to show how ridiculous it is to try and reason that it’s ever OK to refuse service to somebody based on race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or anything other than being a disruptive or dangerous customer.

Lawsuit aside, gay couples in Michigan have hope
Lansing State Journal, March 4, 2014
Public opinion is changing and it seems probable that eventually Michigan’s laws will follow, by court order or by the ballot.

Hollywood turns emphatic on causes like gay rights
New York Times, March 3, 2014
“12 Years a Slave” won best picture, but for much of the evening, it was gay rights, not race, that held Hollywood’s attention at the Oscars.

The terms of our surrender
By Ross Douthat, New York Times, March 3, 2014
What comes after the inevitable ruling on same-sex marriage?

A gathering storm of bigotry and discrimination
By Tom Carpenter, Huffington Post, February 26, 2014
It's about time! Prompted by ever-vigilant bloggers, leading LGBT advocates have sounded a belated alarm about the steady stream of proposed state laws designed to deny basic human rights to LGBT Americans.

Gay Virginia Delegate: A marriage ruling that counts me in
By Mark D. Sickles, Virginia House of Delegates
Washington Post, February 21, 2014
The pre-Valentine’s Day decision by U.S. District Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen declaring Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional is a historic turning point in the long struggle for equality in the commonwealth — the first state in the Old Confederacy to have its ban overturned.

Razing Arizona
By George Takei, AllegianceMusical.com, February 25, 2014
Dear Arizona: Congratulations. You are now the first state actually to pass a bill permitting businesses–even those open to the public–to refuse to provide service to LGBT people based on an individual’s “sincerely held religious belief.” This “turn away the gay” bill enshrines discrimination into the law. Your taxi drivers can refuse to carry us. Your hotels can refuse to house us. And your restaurants can refuse to serve us.

The Olympics failed gays, and gays failed the Olympics
By Rich Juzwiak, Gawker.com, February 25, 2014
For the last two weeks, the most radical voice inside Sochi's Olympic stadiums was a wardrobe. Johnny Weir's array of queer-coded outfits included a gold headband, a sequined blazer, a lace top, and always a bit more makeup beyond what the camera dictates as necessary for anyone, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Texas strikes again
By Gail Collins, New York Times, February 22, 2014
Voting has begun in the primaries, and one thing you can say about this election season in Texas is that it certainly is not boring.

Arizona's no good, very bad Samaritans
Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlewaite, Huffington Post, February 24, 2014
These conservative Christians of Arizona and elsewhere where such discriminatory legislation is being considered, however, are showing themselves to be very bad Samaritans. Their so-called "religious freedom" bills betray everything important about walking the walk of Christian faith.

Letters to QSanAntonio
Do you have an opinion about something that you've read in QSanAntonio? All letters should include your full name and telephone number. You will be called to verify the letter’s publication. Your letter can be published with your initials only if you wish. Letters should as brief as needed to make your point. We reserve the right to edit letters for length and clarity. All letters become the property of QSanAntonio Publishing.