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Poll finds well-being of LGBTs is lower than that of straight individuals
PinkNews.co.uk, August 26, 2014
A new US poll has found that LGBT people rate lower on a well-being index than straight individuals.

In U.S., LGBT more likely than non-LGBT to be uninsured
Gallup.com, August 26, 2014
Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) are more likely than non-LGBT Americans to report that they lack health insurance.

Vegas offering all but marriage to LGBT tourists
Charlotte Observer, August 21, 2014
While gay couples still can't get married in the marriage capital of the world, Las Vegas wants to let them know they — and their money — are more than welcome to the buffet of other activities Sin City has to offer.

LGBT Americans less likely to be religious
Time Magazine, August 11, 2014
While 41% of non-LGBT Americans identify as highly religious, only 24% of LGBT Americans feel the same.

Are closeted gay men cheaters?
YourTango.com, August 11, 2014
Emotional, physical, and intimate disconnects often lead to infidelity. So does hiding in the closet. But who's to blame for the "hidden agenda?"

Business conference for gays, lesbians draws 700
ReviewJournal.com, August 4, 2014
Dina Proto needed a way to take her greeting card business to the next level. And thanks to the certification and business connections she made through the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, or NGLCC, Proto’s company, Teazled, gained access to mainstream, national stores.

Survey: 76% of gay and bisexual men use drugs recreationally
PinkNews.co.uk, August 1, 2014
Gay Times magazine surveyed 1000 gay and bisexual male readers, and found that three-quarters use drugs recreationally. The survey found that respondents who admitted to using recreational drugs were far more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors.

This won't be the AIDS-free generation
CNN.com, July 25, 2014
At the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia, this week, young people from over 50 countries gathered to make sure the issues of their generation were heard. The numbers are quite startling.

Study sheds light on treating gay addicts
Portland Tribune, July 24, 2014
Gay men and women in addiction treatment are three times more likely than heterosexuals to have suffered sexual abuse and are twice as likely to have reported physical and emotional abuse, according to a new study.

Sears promotes weddings of four gay couples
On Top Magazine, July 20, 2014
Sears on Friday released a video promoting the weddings of four gay couples which took place aboard a Gay Pride float in Chicago's annual parade sponsored by the retail giant.

My son wears dresses, and that's OK with me
By Seth Menachem, Huffington Post, July 14, 2014
My son, Asher, is 2. I grab shorts and a T-shirt out of the drawer and dress him, because he still has trouble dressing himself. But he figured out how to undress himself -- and pretty often that means he's ripping off his clothing and screaming "dress" over and over again.

Health of gay and straight people compared in 1st national survey
LiveScience.com, July 15, 2014
Lesbian, gay, and bisexual people may be more likely to smoke, drink excessively, and experience serious psychological distress, compared with heterosexual people, but in some other health-related areas they fare better.

Want to have a successful family? Learn from same-sex parents
TheGlobeandMail.com, July 9, 2014
Different-sex parents, apparently, have a few things to learn about how to run a household from same-sex parents.

Study: Children raised by gay couples healthier, happier
On Top Magazine, July 7, 2014
A study released last week by researchers at the University of Melbourne found children raised by gay and lesbian couples are healthier and happier than the general population.

How Banana Republic moved from skinny models to gay guys
Adweek.com, June 25, 2014
Banana Republic has long enjoyed the patronage of gay men, and a few months ago, it finally put them in its advertising.

How to support transgender employees in the workplace
Forbes, June 24, 2014
Many banks such as Goldman Sachs and Barclays have put a lot of effort into developing a culture that supports gay and lesbian employees. But one section of the LGBT community which is often ignored are transgender employees.

The new campaign to end gay conversion therapy
Time Magazine, June 24, 2014
More than a decade after leading medical organizations abandoned the idea that homosexuality was something that could be cured or corrected, the concept of conversion therapy remains a particularly charged issue for LGBT advocates.

Gay men who use hook-up apps have higher STD risk
LiveScience.com, June 13, 2014
Gay men who hook up by using smartphone apps may be at higher risk for some sexually transmitted infections than men who find sexual partners through online dating, or in bars and clubs, a new study suggests.

Closing a gay generation gap
New York Times, June 4, 2014
Daniel Nardicio, the New York gay night-life producer, mixes 20-something go-go dancers with vintage Broadway legends for a good-naturedly tawdry summertime romp.

The evolving world of gay travel
New York Times, June 2, 2014
With everything from marriage laws to tourism marketing to personal expectations shifting, taking a snapshot of this layered portion of the travel industry.

Same-sex relationships: In churches, change is coming, but slowly
Lynn Garrett, Publisher's Weekly, May 28, 2014
Just as attitudes toward homosexuality have shifted greatly in the wider culture, change is coming in Christian churches too, though at a relative snail’s pace.

Wall Street CEOs open up about their gay sons
WDSU.com, May 20, 2014
In the "boy's club" of Wall Street, some top executives' views on gay rights changed entirely when the issue became personal. That is, when their own adult children came out of the closet.

Catholic documentary tells gays to give up sex for God
Queerty.com, May 20, 2014
Catholic teaching holds that lesbians and gay men won’t go to hell if they refrain from sex. Now a new documentary is making the rounds to promote just that point.

Why do gay couples use the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife,’ rather than ‘partner’?
Washington Post, May 13, 2014
The bottom line on this complex topic is: Don’t ask a same-sex couple who is the ‘husband’ or the ‘wife.’

What's wrong with sounding like a gay man?
Mashable.com, May 12, 2014
You wouldn't know David Thorpe was gay. Depending on your perspective, you might guess metrosexual. He wears trendy jeans and a looped scarf; he keeps his beard tidy. On the New York City subway, he looks like any other typical 45-year-old man. Until he opens his mouth.

Poll: 53% of LGBT people are not out at work
PinkNews.co.uk, May 9, 2014
A poll by a leading US human rights group has found that over half of LGBT people are still in the closet at work.

New sports playbook: How to come out as gay
Seattle Times, May 6, 2014
A new type of playbook is fast evolving in the world of sports: An informal, commonsense protocol for how prominent gay and lesbian athletes can come out with maximum acclaim and minimum turmoil.

Study reveals gay and lesbian teens more prone to binge drinking
Gay News Network, May 6, 2014
A study conducted by OutProud: The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Bisexual Youth has revealed lesbian and gay teens are more prone to binge drinking.