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Survey: 26.5% of women are bisexual
PinkNews.co.uk, April 15, 2014
A study into female sexuality shows 26.5% of women surveyed are bisexual – and many do express a preference for one gender or another.

New Report Says Same-Sex Marriage Is Good for Public Health
The Daily Beast, April 15, 2014
A recent report says that gay marriage results in better health care, and less anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

Truvada, HIV prevention drug, divides gay community
Huffington Post, April 10, 2013
It's the Truvada conundrum: A drug hailed as a lifesaver for many people infected by HIV is at the heart of a rancorous debate among gay men, AIDS activists and health professionals over its potential for protecting uninfected men who engage in gay sex without using condoms.

Understanding the meningitis strain that killed three gay L.A. men
Los Angeles Times, April 7, 2014
The deaths of three gay men who contracted meningitis have sparked concern in Los Angeles' gay community. Here are some basic questions and answers about the disease.

The weight of executives' personal beliefs
New York Times, April 5, 2014
Should executives be held to account for unpopular or even offensive views, or does such a stand repress free speech?

Honeymaid responds with love to anti-gay messages
YouTube, March 3, 2014
"On March 10, 2014 Honey Maid launched 'This Is Wholesome,' a commercial that celebrates all families. Some people didn't agree with our message," the video says, displaying screenshots of abusive responses the company received. "So we asked two artists to take the negative comments and turn them into something else."

Helping the black family through gay marriage
By Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post, March 31, 2014
With one map, the phenomenal researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA Law School showed me the importance of marriage equality to the African American community. Greater familial and economic security for families come with marriage. Not only would both help all same-sex couples who choose to marry, they also would be of great help to black communities struggling to maintain or regain both.

London study: Chemsex by gay men is often to mask self-esteem issues
PinkNews.co.uk, March 31, 2014
A study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine shows many gay and bisexual men use drugs during sex in order to mask self-esteem or self-confidence issues.

The decline and fall of the ‘H’ Word
New York Times, March 25, 2014
For many gays and lesbians, the term ‘homosexual’ is flinch-worthy.

The scientific quest to prove bisexuality exists
New York Times Magazine, March 24, 2014
Spend any time hanging around bisexual activists, and you’ll hear a great deal about biphobia. You’ll also hear about bi erasure, the idea that bisexuality is systematically minimized and dismissed. This is especially vexing to bisexual activists.

Grindr now STD outreach tool
Bay Area Reporter, March 20, 2014
San Mateo County health workers have been creating fake profiles on the online hookup application Grindr to encourage more men who have sex with men to get tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

How has marriage equality affected gay dating?
Advocate.com, March 18, 2014
Has the push for marriage equality affected the way same-sex couples date? YourTango.com sat down with several owners of gay dating sites to investigate.

A hidden epidemic: Eating disorders in the gay community
Salon.com, March 13, 2014
We don’t always think about men when we think about eating disorders. But in the queer male community, these disorders are quietly at epidemic levels.

The most common tax surprises for same-sex couples
CNBC, March 11, 2014
The Supreme Court ruling that struck down a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act means that from now on, the Internal Revenue Service will treat legally married same-sex spouses as married for federal tax purposes.

Survey finds being gay-friendly is good business
Queerty.com, March 5, 2014
The Gay and Lesbian Equality Network released the results from a survey of 590 full-time employees in Ireland, and while one third of respondents reported workplace harassment, it also found that it’s in a business’ best interest to celebrate employee diversity — including the LGBT ones.

Study reveals surprise facts about gay men and unprotected sex
Huffington Post, February 25, 2014
A new study by England's University of Westminster found what appears to be a disturbing uptick in the number of young gay men who find unprotected sex with a stranger "exciting."

Chevy affirms redefinition of 'family' in another Sochi ad
Forbes, February 24, 2014
Chevrolet’s high-impact “The New Love” TV ad garnered more attention. But another commercial that Chevy also began airing during the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics turned out to be an even bolder statement about the brand’s redefinition of “family”: an ad titled “The New Us.”