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NDO put through first test in complaint against AT&T
Texas Public Radio, May 15, 2014
AT&T company leaders are dismissing sexual harassment allegations made by a contracted employee late last year against two of its workers. The complaint is the city's first since council members passed the controversial non-discrimination ordinance revision.

Transgender man submits documentation for NDO complaint against AT&T
QSanAntonio, April 10, 2014
Last January, a transgender man, citing guidelines from the city's recently enacted nondiscrimination ordinance, filed a complaint with the city attorney's office claiming that AT&T dismissed him because of his gender identity.

First LGBT NDO complaint filed, questions over process arise
San Antonio Current, May 14, 2014
Eight months following the passage of the long-debated LGBT non-discrimination ordinance, the city has received its first complaint, according to an affidavit obtained by Texas Public Radio.

Transgender man files complaint against AT&T for violation of NDO
QSanAntonio, January 7, 2014
A transgender man who was fired from AT&T in San Antonio is using guidelines from the recently enacted nondiscrimination ordinance to file a complaint with the city attorney's office claiming the company dismissed him because of his gender identity.

No response from city on transgender man's NDO complaint
QSanAntonio, February 10, 2014
The attorney for a man fired from AT&T in San Antonio says he has not received a response from either the city or AT&T on a complaint, filed under guidelines from the city's nondiscrimination ordinance, that alleges the man was fired because of his gender identity.

Transgender man's attorney responds to city's letter on NDO complaint
QSanAntonio, February 14, 2014
The lawyer for a transgender man who filed a complaint using guidelines from the city's new nondiscrimination ordinance says he's disappointed by the city's response to the claim.

Attorney: City won't enforce controversial gay rights law
WOAI Radio, February 10, 2014
Now that the cameras have stopped rolling and the supporters of the gay and lesbian community have all written campaign checks, the lawyer for the first person to file a complaint under the new expanded NDO says the city was a lot more concerned about talking the talk than about walking the walk.

Transgender man files first NDO complaint, lawyer says
KENS5.com, January 8, 2014
A transgender man claims he feared for his life and left his job after coworkers threatened him. Now he hopes the city's ordinance to protect the LGBT community that was approved four months ago forces his former employer do what he considers the right thing.