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Lesbian couple say they were escorted out of bar because they kissed
QSanAntonio, July 3, 2014

A lesbian couple in San Antonio say they were asked to leave an ice house in Southtown last month because they had kissed.

On June 7 around 10 p.m., Marciela Fonseca and her girlfriend Gina Ramirez decided to go out for a couple of drinks and headed over to Sanchez Ice House #1, which is located at 819 South San Saba at the border of where Southtown meets the near West Side.

The ice house is situated under IH 35 close to the corner of Guadalupe and South Lardeo. It's a popular neighborhood spot and almost always crowded with locals who go there for beer by the bucket and the well-stocked Tejano jukebox.

On the night that Fonseca and Ramirez were there, they shared a table with a man named David Estrada, who had been sitting alone and who says he witnessed what would happen next.

Fonesca told QSanAntonio that after they had been there a while, she convinced her girlfriend to take a spin on the dance floor.

"We danced to a slow song and showed affection toward each other," says Fonseca. "As we danced, the music was cut off and we were approached by the security guard who asked if he could speak to us."

Gina Ramirez and Marciela Fonseca

Fonseca says the security guard escorted the couple off the property and told them, "First of all I want you to know that I do not agree with this but the owners have asked me to tell you to leave."

The couple say the security guard, whose last name is Herrera, told them the owner's wife wanted them to leave because, "This is a family establishment and we don't let lesbians kiss."

Fonseca tried to speak with the owner but when she went back into the establishment to find him, she was told that by the manager that he had left.

"I told the manager that I was upset and offended that they could throw us out because we kissed but they did not have an issue with taking our money," says Fonseca.

Estrada told the women that a waitress by the name of Belinda told him that she heard the owner of the ice house order the security guard to tell the couple to leave.

The couple say they have asked the Orgullo de San Antonio LULAC Council 22198 to help them file a complaint under the city's new nondiscrimination ordinance. The have also reached out to GLAAD's Latino liaison Janet Quezada.

The women have been together for five years. Their blended family includes Ramirez's three children, two of them daughters who live with her, Fonseca and Fonseca's teenage son.

QSanAntonio did not receive a reply to an email sent to Sanchez Ice House asking them to comment for this article.