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Marshall High School denies trans student permission to wear dress to prom
QSanAntonio.com, May 28, 2014

In a copy of a letter obtained by QSanAntonio, Katrina Stewart, executive director of the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT), tells John Marshall High School's principal that not allowing a trans student to wear a dress to the school's prom fails to provide a "safe space" for students.

According to the letter, a student named "John, also known as Anastasia," was told on the day before the prom that "she would not be able to attend prom in a manner that best empowered her sense of self." The prom was held on May 24 at the Weston La Cantera.

Stewart goes on to tell Principal Jarrett "creating a safe space at Marshall High requires a two -fold approach: demonstrating to students, faculty, and staff that gender diversity is embraced at the highest levels of administration while also following up with quality culturally competent training for faculty and staff."

Lauryn Farris, a member of TENT's advisory board who lives in San Antonio, told QSanAntonio that the 18-year-old student reached out to the organization for help. She went on to say the school has not responded to Stewart's letter.