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Challenge to Arkansas gay marriage ban heard
Edge, April 18, 2014
Advocates of ending Arkansas’ ban on same-sex marriage took their case before a Pulaski County Circuit Court judge Thursday, who said at the end of the hearing that he expected to issue a ruling within two weeks.

Carolinas’ military families now front and center in same-sex fight
Charlotte Observer, April 18, 2014
Supporters of same-sex marriage in the Carolinas opened a new legal front Thursday – highlighting the impact of the states’ marriage bans on military couples.

Louisiana legislature upholds ban on gay and oral sex
UPI, April 17, 2014
The Louisiana House of Representatives voted in an overwhelming majority to retain a law banning “crimes against nature” that includes not only oral sex but all forms of gay and lesbian sex as well.

Appeals court set to hear arguments in Oklahoma gay marriage case
PinkNews.co.uk, April 17, 2014
The same appeals court which last week heard arguments around Ohio’s same-sex marriage ban one week ago is now gearing up to do the same for Oklahoma.

Book: White House scrambled after Joe Biden's gay marriage comments
Politico.com, April 17, 2014
Vice President Joe Biden really did get ahead of President Barack Obama on accepting gay marriage in 2012 — and the White House really wasn’t happy about it, despite the two leaders’ many attempts to claim otherwise. That’s the story laid out in Jo Becker’s new book, “Forcing the Spring.”

Colorado's gay marriage ban could hinge on appeals court ruling
Denver Post, April 17, 2014
A 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision on gay marriage bans in two states could allow Colorado same-sex couples to hold nuptials before the end of summer, some experts say.

Young conservatives group pressures GOP on gay marriage
Wall Street Journal, April 17, 2014
A new effort is being launched to try to persuade the Republican Party to drop its opposition to same-sex marriage from the party’s platform, a steep climb that would require overcoming social conservatives who have dominated the GOP’s position on the issue.

Pentagon official to deliver keynote at LGBT military dinner
Washington Blade, April 16, 2014
Rosemary Williams, deputy assistant secretary of defense for military community and family policy, is set to keynote the American Military Partner Association’s national gala dinner on May 17 at the Liaison Hotel on Capitol Hill.

On Tax Day, same-sex marriage supporters protest state's tax laws
WMBFNews.com, April 16, 2014
A group that represents South Carolina's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community partnered with ACLU of South Carolina to protest what they say are unfair marriage and tax laws.

Gay couples sue to force Michigan to recognize their marriages
On Top Magazine, April 16, 2014
The Michigan chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Monday filed a lawsuit seeking to force Michigan to recognize the marriages of more than 300 gay and lesbian couples who exchanged vows during the 24-hour window when such unions were legal in the state.

Judge: Ohio must recognize other states' gay marriages
USA Today, April 15, 2014
A federal judge Monday ordered Ohio authorities to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples performed in other states, the latest court victory for gay-rights supporters.

Francisco Pride names Chelsea Manning ‘Honorary Grand Marshal’ again
PinkNews.co.uk, April 15, 2014
San Francisco Pride has confirmed that Wikileaks soldier Chelsea Manning will be Honorary Grand Marshal of this year’s parade, after similar plans were scuppered last year.

Lawsuit seeks state benefits for Michigan marriages
Washington Blade, April 15, 2014
A new lawsuit was filed Monday seeking to extend state benefits to the more than 300 same-sex couples who wed in Michigan on the single day the state enjoyed marriage equality.

Judge grants request to force Indiana to recognize couple's same-sex marriage
IndyStar.com, April 15, 2014
A federal judge's ruling Thursday did more than order Indiana to immediately recognize the out-of-state same-sex marriage of a Munster couple. It joins the raft of legal decisions nationally pushing the issue closer to the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court.

For gay Catholics, a trip down the aisle leads to job loss
Washington Post, April 6, 2014
Last summer, Mike McMahon, 62, was fired as music director at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Arlington after news of his marriage reached the pastor, the Rev. Lee Roos. McMahon thought he knew the landscape and his place in it. As a gay person, all was fine as long as he was “discreet.”

Same-sex marriage battle escalates to force Supreme Court decision
Washington Post, April 10, 2013
The nationwide legal battle over same-sex marriage escalates Thursday when a federal appeals court reviews the first in a string of unanimous judicial rulings that state bans on gay marriage cannot stand in the wake of last summer’s Supreme Court action.

Suit cites urgency to overturn NC gay marriage ban
Sacramento Bee, April 10, 2013
The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday launched a new legal assault on North Carolina's constitutional ban on recognizing same-sex marriage, urging a federal judge to quickly negate it to help children and gay couples suffering from urgent health problems.

Utah distances itself from Mark Regnerus’ anti-gay study
ThinkProgress.org, April 10, 2013
On Thursday, the state of Utah will argue that the 10th Circuit should uphold its ban on same-sex couples marrying, but before entering the courtroom, state officials distanced themselves Mark Regnerus’ study and its fraudulent claims that children raised by parents in same-sex relationships do not fare as well.

UMass basketball player announces he's gay
Sacramento Bee, April 10, 2013
Derrick Gordon became the first openly gay player in Division I men's basketball on Wednesday, making the announcement on ESPN and Outsports. Now he hopes to inspire others in similar situations.

Uproar continues over gay content at S.C. universities
Free-Times.com, April 10, 2013
The University of South Carolina Upstate announced the cancellation Friday of a scheduled performance of a gay-themed theatrical production — the latest round in a series of events that suggests the controversy over assigned reading at state universities may not quiet down any time soon.

Gay marriage appeals move issue back toward high court
USA Today, April 9, 2014
The march toward making same-sex marriage legal nationwide takes a giant step forward this week in one of the most conservative parts of the country.

Gay scout leader defies sacking: ‘I will remain in my post’
PinkNews.co.uk, April 9, 2014
Geoff McGrath, 49, is the leader of a Seattle scout troop, and last week became the first victim of BSA’s ban on gay adults, as the organization announced his leadership had been “revoked”. He is not so willing to go, however, and told KING5: “I have not tended my resignation. Until I am relieved of my duty properly, I stand in my post.”

Two moms, a baby and a legal first for U.S. gay marriage
Reuters, April 9, 2014
Last month a baby in Tennessee made history: Emilia Maria Jesty was the first child born in the state to have a woman listed on the birth certificate as her "father."

GOP's Alan Simpson backs gay marriage in ad
Newsmax.com, April 8, 2014
Former Wyoming Republican Sen. Alan Simpson has made a television commercial supporting gay marriage, Politico reported. Simpson, 82, takes a matter-of-fact "live and let live" approach to the issue. "I'm a Republican. The party's basic core is, government out of your life and the right to be left alone," he says.

Utahns give heartfelt send-off to couples in gay marriage case
Salt Lake Tribune, April 8, 2014
On the back of a blue paper heart, Rachel Motschiedler wrote a message to the couples whose lawsuit toppled Utah’s ban on same-sex marriages and allowed her to wed her partner of 11 years: "Fight hard."

Same-sex couples in Oklahoma case argue against state's right to define marriage
NewsOK.com, April 8, 2014
In last brief before oral arguments, couples tell federal appeals court that states don’t have the right to violate constitutional guarantees of due process and equal protection.

Supreme Court won't hear case of gay wedding photographer
USA Today, April 7, 2014
The Supreme Court declined Monday to decide if a New Mexico wedding photographer was within her rights when she refused to work at a same-sex ceremony.The denial leaves standing a decision by the state's highest court that went against the photo studio.

Mormon leader reiterates church's opposition to marriage equality
On Top Magazine, April 7, 2014
During his Saturday address at the church's biannual general conference, Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve told more than 100,000 Mormons who had gathered in Salt Lake City that “the Lord has not redefined marriage.”

Federal judge requires Ohio to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages
Washington Post, April 5, 2014
A federal judge in Cincinnati declared Friday that he would require Ohio to recognize same-sex marriages performed legally in other states.

White House not backing down in new ENDA flap
Washington Blade, April 5, 2014
The White House wouldn’t back down Friday from controversial comments that an executive order protecting LGBT federal workers would be “redundant” if the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is signed into law — despite criticism from LGBT rights supporters.