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Obama moves to protect LGBT federal contractors and employees
Washington Post, July 21, 2014
The executive order President Obama is scheduled to sign today protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) federal contractors is as notable for what it says as what it explicitly does not say. There will be no additional exemptions for religious entities.

Utah wins delay in recognizing same-sex marriages
CNN.com, July 18, 2014
Utah officials for the time being do not have to formally recognize hundreds of same-sex marriages performed last December and earlier this year, after the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday granted the state's request for a delay.

Why Hillary Clinton’s same-sex marriage stance has split gay supporters
The Daily Beast, July 21, 2014
She’d leave the decision to states, though many activists—and a growing number of Americans—view it as a constitutional right. Can she keep everyone on board for 2016?

Obama pressured to omit religious exemption in LGBT order
Washington Blade, July 18, 2014
A growing number of voices are calling on President Obama to omit a religious exemption in his planned executive order barring anti-LGBT discrimination among federal contractors.

Oklahoma's same-sex marriage ban overturned
Huffington Post, July 18, 2014
Oklahoma's same-sex marriage ban has been overturned. On Friday, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an earlier ruling that struck down the state's same-sex marriage ban.

Judge opens up same-sex marriage in one Florida county
PinkNews.co.uk, July 18, 2014
A judge in the Florida Keys has ruled in favour of same-sex marriage, overturning its constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Connecticut court affirms pre-gay marriage rights
KRMG.com, July 16, 2014
Connecticut's highest court ruled Wednesday that some legal rights of same-sex couples predate the state's approvals of civil unions in 2005 and gay marriage in 2008, a decision that gay rights supporters call the first of its kind in the country.

Arkansas couples ask federal judge to strike down state’s same-sex marriage ban
PinkNews.co.uk, July 17, 2014
Attorneys for two same-sex couples asked an Arkansas federal judge Wednesday to order the striking down of the state’s same-sex marriage ban.

Launch of $2 million venture capital fund to boost LGBT entrepreneurs
PinkNews.co.uk, July 17, 2014
A Boston-based crowd-funding firm is raising $2 million to drive early-stage investment in companies led by LGBT entrepreneurs.

Labor group stands up to Catholic Church, refuses to cut ties with LGBT allies
ThinkProgress.org, July 17, 2014
Religious, labor, and LGBT groups are speaking up in support of Voz, a Latino workers rights organization, after a funding body of the Catholic church denied it a $75,000 grant for refusing to distance itself from organizations that support marriage equality.

With Gay Games coming, is Cleveland gay-friendly enough?
Cleveland.com, July 17, 2014
"Cleveland doesn't have to be San Francisco," said John Tanzella, executive director of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association. All it has to be, he said, is safe and welcoming.

Another fight over ENDA
Washington Blade, July 16, 2014
Today’s headlines are eerily reminiscent of the acrimonious debate within the LGBT community over the ENDA bill that passed the House of Representatives on Nov. 7, 2007.

MLB names Billy Bean “ambassador for inclusion”
NBC Sports, July 15, 2014
MLB commissioner Bud Selig has appointed former major leaguer Billy Bean as the first “ambassador for inclusion.” Bean played six seasons in the majors from 1987-1989 and 1993-1995, and in 1999 revealed that he was gay.

Rob Portman: My support of equal marriage has been ‘helpful’, say voters
PinkNews.co.uk, July 16, 2014
The first Republican senator to support same-sex marriage, and a potential presidential candidate, has said that his support and “willingness to talk” about his gay son have been “helpful” to voters struggling on the issue.

Gay candidate faces criticism from opposing camps
Associated Press, July 15, 2014
Carl DeMaio is one of three openly gay Republicans running for Congress this year, but he's the only one who has managed to make political adversaries of both social conservative and gay rights organizations.

Palm Beach GOP leader seeks support from gays and lesbians
Sun Sentinel, July 14, 2014
Attempting to make inroads with a Democratic-leaning voting bloc, the Palm Beach County Republican Party is reaching out to the gay and lesbian community. Chairwoman Anita Mitchell hopes gays and lesbians will see the Republican Party as something other than an intolerant entity hostile to their interests.

Log Cabin Republicans: Groups ‘ignorant of political reality’ for dropping ENDA
PinkNews.co.uk, July 14, 2014
The Log Cabin Republicans group has claimed that the multitude of LGBT rights groups who have dropped their support for the ENDA are “ignorant” of political reality.

Justice Department set to fight gay-marriage bans in Supreme Court
ABC News, July 14, 2014
The Justice Department is set to urge the Supreme Court to uphold a lower-court ruling and block states from banning same-sex marriage, Attorney General Eric Holder said.

Pastor led son's gay wedding, revealing fault line in church
New York Times, July 13, 2014
Frank Schaefer, like other leaders of United Methodist congregations, had difficult choices to make when his son acknowledged that he was gay.

Chris Christie: Republicans should continue to fight against same-sex marriage
PinkNews.co.uk, July 14, 2014
Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has urged his party to continue to fight against same-sex marriage, despite admitting defeat himself last year.

More Colorado counties performing same-sex marriages
PinkNews.co.uk, July 11, 2014
At least two more counties in the US state of Colorado have announced that they will soon begin marrying same-sex couples, after a judge ruled in favor of a clerk who had defied instructions to allow gay couples to marry.

Why some activists are still pushing for ENDA
Advocate.com, July 11, 2014
In the aftermath of a bold decision by a number of LGBT organizations to drop support for the current version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, some efforts are pivoting with an eye toward an even larger bill.

Colorado judge rules in favor of gay marriage, immediately issues stay
PinkNews.co.uk, July 10, 2014
A judge in Colorado has overturned the state’s ban on gay marriage, only to put his own judgement on hold until it is backed-up by a court with greater authority.

Utah will ask the US Supreme Court to rule on state’s same-sex marriage ban
PinkNews.co.uk, July 10, 2014
The Utah Attorney General’s Office will appeal the 10th Circuit Court’s decision upholding same-sex marriage directly to the United States Supreme Court.

Gay rights groups drop ENDA support over religious exemption
Advocate.com, July 8, 2014
Following the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's announcement this morning that it would no longer support the current version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the American Civil Liberties Union announced this afternoon that it would also drop its support for the bill.

Human Rights Campaign continues to support ENDA
PinkNews.co.uk, July 9, 2014
The Human Rights Campaign continues to support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, despite LGBT groups claiming it could lead to a religious ‘license to discriminate’ against gays.

Out-of-state couples struggle to marry in Illinois
PinkNews.co.uk, July 9, 2014
Couples traveling across the border to marry in Illinois are finding themselves unable to, due to a provision written into the Illinois marriage law.

No trial expected in Arizona same-sex marriage case
AZFamily.com, July 8, 2014
Lawyers for Arizona and a group of gay and lesbian couples who sued the state over its ban on same-sex marriage want a judge to decide the case without holding a full trial.

Vet sues after burial plot with gay partner denied
KTVB.com, July 7, 2014
A U.S. Navy veteran is suing after the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery refused to allow her to be buried with the ashes of her late wife.

Kansas gay marriage foes to seek protections again
Edge, July 7, 2014
Kansas legislators will face renewed pressure next year to provide additional legal protections to those who want to avoid accommodating same-sex couples for religious reasons in the wake of federal courts nationwide invalidating state gay marriage bans.

Mississippi law legalizing anti-gay discrimination now in effect
PinkNews.co.uk, July 7, 2014
A Mississippi law that legalises anti-gay discrimination on the grounds of ‘religious freedom’ has come into effect.

Gay, widowed and fighting for what they're due
New York Times, July 3, 2014
Despite government moves to ease the path, a dense legal and bureaucratic thicket often awaits the survivor in a same-sex marriage, advocates say.

Researcher pleads not guilty in HIV vaccine fraud case
PinkNews.co.uk, July 3, 2014
Dong-Pyou Han, a former Iowa State University scientist, pleaded not guilty Tuesday regarding charges that he falsified research for an HIV vaccine to secure large amounts of federal funding.

Chase bank surveys workers to see if they’re ‘ally of the LGBT community’
Washington Times, July 3, 2014
A JP Morgan Chase bank employee says he’s not only puzzled by an internal company survey that asked workers if they considered themselves friend of the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender community — he’s fearful of losing his job.