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Democrats call for Ramos' resignation | News Links: March 12 -25 | News Links: March 17 - 19

State Democratic Executive Committee calls for Ramos' resignation

Ramos reiterates 'gays are termites' during press conference

Bexar Democratic Party Chair has insults for gays, whites and blacks

Bexar Democrats oust chairman
San Antonio Express-News, May 4, 2011
Bexar County Democratic Party leaders voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to remove ailing and embattled Chairman Dan Ramos for misconduct and neglect of duty. The 104-5 vote by the party's executive committee came despite a desperate attempt by Ramos to call off the meeting.

Bexar County Democrats try to move past Ramos
San Antonio Current, May 5, 2011
In an unprecedented move, the Bexar County Democratic Party voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to kick Dan Ramos from his short-lived post as chair. Amid cheering, many insisted the 104-5 vote to oust the embattled Ramos, just one year after his swearing in, marks the first step in moving the party past its recent rocky history.

Bexar Dems find Dan Ramos guilty as charged
By Dan Graney, QSanAntonio.com, April 16, 2011

Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos was found guilty of misconduct and neglect of duty by a seven-member trial committee of the Bexar County Democratic Party. The committee’s verdict was unanimous as was their recommendation that Ramos be removed as County Chair.

The County Executive Committee of the Bexar County Democratic Party will meet on May 3 to act on the trial committee’s recommendations and vote on whether Ramos should be removed.

The trial proceedings were conducted under Chapter 20 of Robert’s Rules of Order. The CEC approved this process by a vote of 72-1-1 at their meeting on April 5 and elected seven of their precinct chairs to serve on the trial committee. The trial committee was composed of four men and three women, four of which were Hispanic, two African-American and one Anglo.

Neither state law nor party rules provide a clear path for the removal of a County Chair unless the Chair is caught supporting a candidate of the opposing party during an election cycle. Both State Democratic Party rules and the rules of the Bexar County Democratic Party recognize Robert’s Rules of Order as parliamentary authority when the party rules are silent on a matter.

In center photo, empty chair where Dan Ramos would have sat had he chosen to come to his trial. (Photos by Antonia Padilla)

Although Ramos was given notice of the trial, he did not personally appear nor did any representative appear on his behalf.

The presentation of evidence against Ramos lasted three hours and included live witnesses, documents and audio and video recordings. The evidence was presented by local precinct chairs, Mark Camann and D'mitri Kosub, who acted as Trial Hearing Managers.

If Ramos is removed from office by the CEC on May 3, another meeting will be held within 20 days to elect an interim County Chair to complete the remainder of Ramos’ term, which expires at the beginning of May, 2012.

Dan Graney is president of the Texas Stonewall Democrats.

Webcast: Bexar County Democrats put Chairman Dan Ramos on trial
NowcastSA.com, April 17, 2011
Replay the video: After hearing hours of testimony and evidence, a panel of Bexar County Democratic precinct chairs found their party chairman Dan Ramos guilty of misconduct and neglect of duty, and said he should be removed.

Ramos ouster recommended
San Antonio Express-News, April 17, 2011
A special committee of local Democrats voted unanimously Saturday to recommend removal of Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos for misconduct. His transgressions have included rules violations and inflammatory statements about fellow party members, the committee concluded.

State Democratic Executive Committee calls for Ramos' resignation
QSanAntonio.com, April 11, 2011

At its Spring meeting in Austin on Saturday, April 9, the State Democratic Executive Committee of the Texas Democratic Party voted unanimously to censure Dan Ramos and to call for him to resign as Bexar County Democratic Party Chair.

The resolution was prompted by bigoted remarks against LGBT people, African-Americans and other groups that Ramos made in an interview with the San Antonio Current on March 11.

Despite a growing call for his resignation, Ramos has defiantly refused to apologize for his remarks and to step down from office.

The 110-member SDEC is the governing body of the State Democratic Party and consists of state party officers, representatives from each of the state’s 31 senate districts, statewide Democratic organizations and Texas members of the Democratic National Committee.

Many of the SDEC members wore rainbow triangles depicting a wood-eating termite in solidarity with the Stonewall Democrats, which Ramos called “white termites who have infiltrated the party much like termites infiltrate your house”.

After the resolution was adopted, SDEC members and guests leapt to their feet with sustained applause and cheers of approval.

Dan Ramos' reaction to trial committee
FoxSanAntonio.com, April 10, 2011
Bexar County Democratic Chair Dan Ramos is speaking out again. This time- he's taking aim at those who decided to form a trial committee-- one which could lead to his removal from office.

Democratic Party chair defends his words
FoxSanAntonio.com, April 10, 2011
In video released this weekend, the chair of the Bexar County Democratic Party is defending his words. Dan Ramos called a news conference on March 17 to set the record straight on controversial comments he made in an interview. Here's his explanation.

Ramos controversy: Do all Democrats support gay rights?
Commentary by Justin Nichols, QSanAntonio.com, April 9, 2011
Much has been said about the chairman of the Bexar County Democratic Party, Dan Ramos. But as things develop, we shouldn’t just write Ramos off as one county chairman gone crazy. Lessons can be learned here about politics, race, and the fight for equality.

Gay activists confront Dan Ramos face to face
QSanAntonio.com, April 7, 2011
A meeting convened on April 5 by Bexar County Democratic Chair Dan Ramos ended with three GLBT activists confronting him face to face. The activists, from the Direct Action Network of San Antonio, asked Ramos to explain his remarks when he called gays termites and Nazis then concluded by asking him to resign.

Chair Dan Ramos holds gathering as Bexar Dems move to boot him
San Antonio Current, April 6, 2011
As members of the Bexar County Democratic Party voted Tuesday night to put their embattled chair on trial, Dan Ramos and a small group of his supporters hunkered down for their own parallel meeting across town. “I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere,” Ramos declared while continuing to blame the party’s discord on anti-Hispanic racism, and not his own toxic and anti-gay remarks last month.

Bexar Democrats' dueling continues
San Antonio Express-News, April 6, 2011
Battling for control of the troubled Bexar County Democratic Party, a large group of activists voted Tuesday to put Chairman Dan Ramos on trial for rules violations while a small gathering of his supporters backed Ramos' plan to sue the first group as illegitimate.

Democratic Party Flap
FoxSanAntonio.com, April 6, 2011
Christina Coleman reports from Luby's on Fredericksberg on the latest round of meetings and protests against Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos.

A RESOLUTION TO Form a Trial Committee and Conduct a Hearing to Consider the Removal of Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Dan Ramos for Misconduct and Neglect of Duty in Office (April 5, 2011)

Whereas, The Rules Committee of the Bexar County Democratic Party County Executive Committee has reviewed and found credible the following allegations against Mr. Dan Ramos:

On or about March 11, 2011, Mr. Ramos made statements to the San Antonio Current that are contrary to the Beliefs and Declarations of the Texas Democratic Party;

Mr. Ramos made public comments detrimental to the Democratic Party and derogatory to Elected Democratic Officials;

Mr. Ramos failed to acknowledge the Rules of the Texas Democratic Party and the Continuing Rules of the Bexar County Democratic Party (hereinafter BCDP) as valid;

Mr. Ramos failed to hold or attend BCDP Steering Committee Meetings, as mandated by the Continuing Rules of the BCDP County Executive Committee (hereinafter BCDP CEC);

Mr. Ramos failed to provide accurate and timely notice of BCDP CEC meetings;

Mr. Ramos attempted to unilaterally dissolve BCDP CEC committees and replace committee co-chairs;

Mr. Ramos attempted to conduct both party and statutory business without the consent of the BCDP CEC at meetings where quorums were present;

Mr. Ramos improperly and unilaterally rescheduled and canceled meetings of the BCDP CEC;

Mr. Ramos failed to follow directives approved by the BCDP CEC;

Mr. Ramos failed to communicate with and provide records to the BCDP Secretary, as required by the BCDP’s Continuing Rules, and failed to respond to calls and mailings; and

Whereas, The Rules Committee of the Bexar County Democratic Party County Executive Committee (CEC) has preferred charges of “MISCONDUCT” and “MISCONDUCT and NEGLECT of DUTY in OFFICE” against Mr. Ramos; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That, in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 10th Edition, (hereinafter RONR) Chapter 20, page 643, lines 6 to 14, Mr. Ramos be, and hereby is, cited by the BCDP CEC to appear for trial at 2:00 P.M. on Saturday, April 16th in the year 2011 at Metropolitan Community Church, 611 E Myrtle St., San Antonio, TX 78212, to show cause why he should not be removed from the position of Chair of the BCDP.

Resolved, That Messrs. Mark Camann and D’mitri Kosub, who are appointed by the Rules Committee of the BCDP, act as managers of the hearing (trial), as defined in Chapter 20 of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

Resolved, That the BCDP CEC shall elect from among them seven (7) Precinct Chairs as a Trial Committee to consider the evidence as presented in documents, audio and video recordings, and oral testimony as to the facts bearing on this matter, and that five (5) additional Precinct Chairs shall be elected as alternates to serve on the Trial Committee in the event one or more of the seven (7) principal members is unable to serve.

Resolved, That the Trial Committee shall elect a chairperson from among themselves to maintain order, recognize and allow witness testimony, and manage the questioning of the witnesses before the trial committee by the defense and the trial managers; and

Resolved, That the trial committee shall present their findings and recommendations to the CEC at a special meeting of the CEC to be held on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, at Metropolitan Community Church, 611 E. Myrtle Street, San Antonio, Texas 78212. The Deputy Chairs will elect one from among them to serve as Acting Chair for this meeting. For each charge the trial committee finds the accused guilty, they shall present a resolution to the CEC covering the penalty it recommends that the CEC impose. Such penalty may include up to and including the removal from office of the accused. Any resolutions presented by the trial committee shall be reviewed by the CEC in accordance with RONR, Chapter 20, page 640, line 26 through page 641, line 14, but in open session. Should the CEC resolve to remove the accused from the office of Chair of the BCDP, the office of Chair of the BCDP shall be declared vacant.

Adopted by the Bexar County Democratic Party County Executive Committee this 5th day of April in the year 2011.

Ian Straus, Acting Chair
Nancy T. Froment, Secretary


Elected Officials
Congressman Charlie Gonzalez (D-San Antonio)
State Senator Leticia Van De Putte (D-San Antonio)
State Representative Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio)
State Representative Joe Farias (D-San Antonio)
State Representative Mike Villarreal (D-San Antonio)
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro

State Democratic Party Officials
Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie
Texas Democratic Party Vice-Chair Lenora Sorola Pohlman
Texas Democratic Party Vice Chair of Finance Dennis Speight
Linda Chavez-Thompson, DNC Vice Chair and SDEC Member
Choco Gonzalez Meza, DNC Member, SDEC Member
Gilberto Hinojosa, DNC Member, SDEC Member, Cameron County Party Chair
Garry Brown, SDEC Committeeman, Senate District 14
Crystal Viagran, SDEC Committeewoman, Senate District 14
Eli Olivarez, Jr., SDEC Committeeman, Senate District 20
Jackie Solis-Chapa, SDEC Committeewoman, Senate District 25
JC Dufresne, SDEC Committeeman, Senate District 25
Ralph Galvan, SDEC Committeeman, Senate District 26
Cheryl Novack, SDEC Committeewoman, Senate District 26
Lila Valencia, SDEC Hispanic Caucus Vice Chair
Austin Adams, SDEC Texas Environmental Democrats Chair
Robbie Boone, Comal Democratic Party County Chair
Jon Leonard, Hays Democratic Party County Chair
Senate District 15 Chair Lane Lewis

County Democratic Parties
Bexar County Democratic Party Leadership
Dallas County Democratic Party
Harris County Democratic Party
Hidalgo County Democratic Party
Travis County Democratic Party
Wichita County Democratic Party

Democratic Organizations
Texas Coalition of Black Democrats
National Stonewall Democrats
Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus
Stonewall Democrats of Dallas
Dallas Stonewall Young Democrats
Houston Area Stonewall Democrats
Houston Stonewall Young Democrats
Stonewall Democrats of the Rio Grande Valley
Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio
San Antonio Stonewall Young Democrats
Tarrant County Stonewall Democrats
Texas Young Democrats
Bexar County Young Democrats
University Democrats at UT Austin
Gloria Sasser, President, Guadalupe County Democratic Club

Nonpartisan Organizations
Anti-Defamation League, Southwest Region
Direct Action Network of San Antonio
Equality Texas
Human Rights Campaign
San Antonio Gender Association (SAGA)

San Antonio Express-News

Photos: Sam Sanchez / QSanAntonio.com

Ramos reiterates 'gays are termites' during press conference
QSanAntonio.com, March 17, 2011

Bexar County Democratic Chairman Dan Ramos reiterated that he believed that gays were like "white termites who have infiltrated the party much like termites infiltrate your house," and were co-conspirators with direct involvement in the theft of over $200,000 from party coffers.

At a press conference which was held this morning at the party's unofficial headquarters on Westfield Drive, Ramos said he was not going to apologize or resign. "I regret that people's feelings were hurt by twisted information," he said referring to the three articles that appeared in the San Antonio Current this week.

"I've always tried to be politically correct, however the gays, through the Stonewall Democrats, have taken over the party. Hell, my opponent in the election, Choco Meza, she's a lesbian," Ramos said. (Meza is not a lesbian.)

Ramos also referred to State Democratic Chairman Boyd Richie as a "racist bastard" and an "idiot" who's been too busy to help the local party. "Gay people have been advising Richie," he said, "and he slipped when he asked me to resign."

Ramos says he did not know that he was being recorded when San Antonio Current editor Greg Harman called him on March 12 to ask his reaction to a bill being introduced in the Texas Legislature by San Antonio State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer that would allow county chairs to be removed by their state parties based on "incompetency or official misconduct."

"This was not a face-to-face interview, it was on the phone," Ramos said of the Current interview, "How do we even know it's my voice?" He called Harman a "lying son of a bitch."

Ramos said that all the controversy caused by his comments are merely a smokescreen to distract voters from the real issue which is the embezzlement of funds by former treasurer Dwayne Adams who goes on trial today.

"There's enough evidence for 15 indictments," said Ramos, "It will all come out in the trial."

Stonewall Dems hear plan for Ramos' removal, get praise from Quintanilla
QSanAntonio.com, March 24, 2011
At the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio meeting on March 21, D’mitri Kosub, who serves on the Rules Committee of the Bexar County Democratic Party, explained that although state election law and state party rules do not provide a clear path for removing Ramos from office, there are provisions in "Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised" for doing so.

Voices added to call for Ramos to resign
San Antonio Express-News, March 25, 2011
Twenty top leaders of the Bexar County Democratic Party are demanding the resignation of Chairman Dan Ramos because of his controversial comments about fellow partisans. An open letter to Ramos posted on the party's website is signed by Ramos' four deputy chairs, the party secretary, a Democratic National Committee member, four State Democratic Executive Committee members and numerous committee and precinct chairs.

Mayor urges Democratic Party boss to resign
San Antonio Express-News, March 22, 2011
Mayor Julián Castro joined the chorus of officials Monday urging Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos to resign because of Ramos' bitter attacks on fellow Democrats.

Gay Dems slam Ramos
WOAI Radio, March 22, 2011
The Stonewall Democrats say they're looking at rules of procedure to oust Bexar County Democratic Chair Dan Ramos. Co-chair of the group Elena Guajardo says Ramos's insults were flung at everyone and everyone should be offended.

In his own words: Dan Ramos on Stonewall, homosexuality
By Greg Harman, San Antonio Current, March 21, 2011
Last week, Ramos suggested at a press conference that his language had been manipulated, according to QSanAntonio.com, that perhaps it wasn’t even his voice on the recording. With that in mind, I thought it best to release the portion of the interview in question.

KTSA speaks to Dan Ramos
KTSA.com, March 21, 2011
Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Dan Ramos is speaking out against statements he allegedly made on March 11th in a blog on the website of The San Antonio Current, a weekly news and opinion publication.

Bexar Democrats' leader likens foes to insects
San Antonio Express-News, March 18, 2011
Calling his detractors worms, jerks, morons, idiots and liars, Bexar County Democratic Chairman Dan Ramos said Thursday that he'd resign “when hell freezes over” despite demands he quit immediately due to his harsh words about fellow Democrats. Denying allegations that he has disparaged gay party members and others, Ramos cast himself as an old friend of minorities.

Ramos defiant, won't step down
ksat.com, March 18, 2011
The Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman responds to controversial statements he made in a newspaper article.

Demand for Dan Ramos’ Resignation Escalating -- Protesters hit fundraiser
JaySays.com, March 18, 2011
Yesterday evening, about 2 dozen lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, along with their allies, stood in front of the Granada Homes building where the “Proud Democrats” were hosting a fund raiser for the Bexar County Democratic Party

Demands grow for resignation of Bexar County Democratic Chair
KSAT.com, March 17, 2011
A spokeswoman for the Bexar County Democratic Party said its chairman, Dan Ramos, will be holding a news conference on Thursday morning after his published statements in the San Antonio Current and increasing demands for resignation.

Ramos should resign Democratic party post
Editorial Board, San Antonio Express-News, March 17, 2011
For the good of the party he claims to serve, Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos should resign his position. His disturbing comments reported last week in a San Antonio Current blog do immense damage to the Democratic Party and all political discourse. Those comments and his failure to retract them demonstrate his unsuitability to hold any position of leadership.

Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Dan Ramos: Defiant and Irresponsible
Burnt Orange Report, March 17, 2011
So is there an end in sight to this mess? Maybe if you consider Ramos' latest meltdown after an interview with the San Antonio Current but with Ramos continuing a defiant hold on office, much like Col. Gaddafi of Libya, we could be in for a long summer.

The walls close in on Ramos
By Gilbert Garcia, PlazaDeArmas.com, March 17, 2011
A state representative has filed a bill expressly geared to oust him. The chairman of the Texas Democratic Party has called for his immediate resignation. The Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus and Bexar County Young Democrats are up in arms. Two local Democratic splinter groups have formed in the last year. And still Dan Ramos won’t budge.

Bexar Democratic Party Chair has insults for gays, whites and blacks
QSanAntonio.com, March 12, 2011

In a March 11 interview with the San Antonio Current, Bexar County Democratic party chair Dan Ramos had some choice words about the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio. “I liken them to the Tea Party — the Tea Party and the fucking Nazi Party — because they’re 90 percent white, blue-eyed, and Anglo, and I don’t give a fuck who knows that. Just like the blacks … they’re American, but you can’t get your way just because you’re black.”

In the interview, Ramos blames gays for "both undermining his authority and for the poor election results in Bexar County in 2010."

“They are all connected to the gay Democratic Party, the so-called Stonewall Democrats. Just like termites they managed to get some of their people in key positions,” Ramos told the Current.

On the morning after the article appeared online, Eduardo Juarez co-chair of the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio issued the following statement to the group's board of directors:

"Mr. Ramos' alleged comments blaming and condemning LGBT Democrats are so plainly ludicrous and divisive, they do not even merit a response. We Democrats are too busy right now working on real and important tasks at hand, including the task of uniting our party."

Later in the day, Texas State Democratic party chairman Boyd Richie issued a press release saying that Ramos should resign from office. "From virtually the first day he took office, Dan Ramos has kept the Bexar County Democratic Party in a constant state of turmoil," said Richie. (See complete press release below.)

Gay slurs a surprise

Oddly enough, Ramos sought the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats at a candidate forum in January of 2010 when he ran for party chair. At the time he said "I do not condone discrimination." His turnabout caught most local Democrats by surprise.

Dan Graney, president of the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus, said that "such remarks by a party official are totally unbecoming to the office to which he was elected." Graney added that he was taking the matter up with State party officials. (See Graney's full statement below.)

A divisive presence

Ramos stunned Democratic honchos when in 2010 he proved victorious against Choco Meza, a longtime party insider and aide to former Mayor Henry Cisneros. With the vigorous endorsement and promise of monetary support from party leaders, Meza ran on a promise to get the party out of debt after the group's former treasurer embezzled over $200,000.

Ramos is a grassroots organizer who, from the beginning, has expressed little interest in taking advice from party stalwarts. He is the leader of a coalition of South Side party organizers and precinct chairs called the Barrio Boys.

After Ramos was elected, party leaders expressed concern about putting money into party coffers given the new chair’s promise to clean house, to make changes autonomously and without the counsel of party elders. Meanwhile, the $200,000 that was embezzled by the former treasure, money that is owed to the County, remains a debt unpaid.

In a March 3, 2010 interview with the San Antonio Express-News, County Judge Nelson Wolfe said, “I get the feeling that no one is going to be writing checks until there is a damned good sense of where (the incoming chairman) wants to take the party. I know I won't be writing any.”

In the same article, Ramos tells the Express-News, “Henry (Cisneros), Nelson Wolff, Leticia (Van de Putte) — all those power players were presuming Choco would take over,” he said. “Well, I got news for them: Instead of grandstanding, maybe they should do what they said — come up with the money like they said they would.”

Ramos has remained a consistently divisive presence since he took office. He has tried to oust party officials without a quorum and install his own crew but precinct chairs have prevented him from doing so. It's gotten so bad that Ramos does not even come to meetings one precinct chair told QSanAntonio.

The problem for Bexar County Democrats is that there no easy way to get rid of Ramos. In the last election they worked around him by forming a mirror organization, the Bexar County United Democrats, leaving Ramos completely out of the loop.

Most recently, San Antonio State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer filed a bill in the Texas Legislature that would allow county chairs to be removed by their state parties based on "incompetency or official misconduct." The bill is an undisguised attempt to pry Ramos from the local party leadership.

A Bigot in Bexar
By Bob Moser, Texas Observer, March 15, 2011
Talk about covering the bases! In the span of two sentences, Dan Ramos managed to insult not only gay Democrats, but Tea Partiers, Anglos, blue-eyed people and African Americans to boot. Even the creators of South Park would be hard-pressed to top that.

Democratic leader ignores resignation demand
San Antonio Express-News, March 14, 2011
The head of the Texas Democratic Party is demanding the resignation of Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos, accusing him of bigotry and creating chaos since his election a year ago. Boyd Richie issued his statement Saturday, the day after a news blog posted comments by Ramos that disparaged gay and black Democrats. Ramos showed no sign Monday of relinquishing his post as he continued to chide his detractors.

Texas Democratic Party chair calls for Dan Ramos to resign
San Antonio Current, March 12, 2011
We suspected Bexar County Democratic Chair Dan Ramos’ comments wouldn’t go down easy with Democrats in Bexar County or across the state. We were right. Earlier tonight the chair of the state Democratic Party called on Ramos to resign, saying the “bigoted attitudes he expressed are totally contrary to the beliefs and declarations of the Texas Democratic Party.” (See complete press release below.)

Democratic Party chairman in San Antonio calls gays ‘termites,’ likens
Stonewall to Nazi Party

Dallas Voice, March 12, 2011
It isn’t overly surprising to hear that a county party chairperson in Texas called gays “termites” and likened the Stonewall Democrats to Nazis. But it is a little surprising that it came from a county chairperson in the Democratic Party. Dan Ramos, the embattled chairman of the Bexar County Democratic Party, made the statements Friday in an interview with the San Antonio Current.

Bexar County Dem Chair Dan Ramos likens Stonewall Democrats to Nazi Party
San Antonio Current, March 11, 2011
As Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed prepares to haul the former treasurer of the Bexar County Democrats into court for a second trial setting on Tuesday on charges of embezzling more than $200,000 from the party’s bank accounts, embattled party Chair Dan Ramos has other things on his mind: specifically the homosexual “termites” that have wormed their way into power to unseat him.

Bill would allow Bexar party leader's ouster
March 11, 2011, San Antonio Express-News
Without mentioning him or his party, legislation that would allow the ouster of embattled Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos has been filed in Austin. The measure submitted by Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, would enable the state executive committee of any political party to remove a county chairman for incompetence or official misconduct.

March 18, 2011

It is a shame and painfully unfair that the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio are forced to respond to the continued discriminatory ravings and completely baseless accusations of Dan Ramos, the Chair of the Bexar County Democratic Party. Mr. Ramos unapologetically bellows bald and bigoted charges, singling out Stonewall Democrats as “termites” and as the “Nazi Party.” But he fails to provide even the most rudimentary factual support for any of his purported allegations of misconduct, because his accusations are simply false.

This is a crucial time for Texans: the Republican controlled Texas legislature is busy passing the most anti-Latino and anti-employer immigration legislation in our era; restricting voters rights through onerous voter-id requirements and biased redistricting; raising medically unsound obstacles to the long-held reproductive freedoms of women; and cutting billions of dollars to public education, further weakening the Texas economy. And yet, in the face of these pressing challenges for Democrats, Mr. Ramos has chosen to worry about whether his “fishing buddy” is gay. He has, moreover, apparently decided to hurl inflammatory bigoted remarks (such as referring to gays as a “sinister movement” and comparing homosexuals to “children stricken with polio”) to deflect attention from his own utter incompetence and misconduct as party chair.

The good thing, if we can find a silver lining in these turbulent times for Bexar County Democrats, is that Mr. Ramos is a dinosaur at the brink of extinction. He is irrelevant to our times, will be removed as party chair, and will never again be elected to public office in this county or state---not because of his age or ailments, but because of his archaic and decrepit discriminatory views that are contrary to the definitive trend of justice in the entire Western Hemisphere. True leaders do not succumb to irrelevancy even after their physical death. Even as early as the 1970s, the iconic Mexican-American civil rights lion, Cesar Chavez, strongly and vocally supported lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights.

Following this icon’s visionary leadership is a swell of voices that will continue to increase, from all corners, condemning Mr. Ramos’ bigoted remarks and calling for his resignation. Indeed, the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio hope and demand that all fair-minded Bexar County Democrats, including our elected officials, party leaders, and voters strongly voice their opposition to Mr. Ramos’ views, demand his immediate resignation, and support his ouster.

Elena Guajardo, Co-Chair
Eduardo Juarez, Co-Chair
Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio

State Senator Van de Putte Calls On Bexar Dem Chairman To Resign
March 18, 2011

Dear Mr. Chairman:

I thank you for your service to the Bexar County Democratic Party. However, because of our serious concerns due to recent public comments made by you, it has become clear that now is the time for you to resign your office.

Doing so will enable you to turn your full attentions to your precarious health situation, and enable the Bexar County Democratic Party to move forward in unity, fully-focused on our objective of energizing a growing Democratic base, and electing Democratic nominees.
I do not make this request lightly - Bexar County Democrats voted for you as County Chairman, and I deeply respect those voters.

I am equally convinced, however, that when Bexar County Democrats selected you to chair the Party, they were unaware that you would subsequently make the public outbursts you have recently made, and they could not have known the divisiveness your positions would cause. Additionally, voters could not have been aware that you would be a chairman who opts against an open Party process, and who fails to call County Executive Committee meetings in accordance with the rules of the Texas Democratic Party. Indeed, behavior such as yours has even prompted the proposed H.B. 2752.

Inclusiveness, and respect for diversity, are Democratic values which we should all take very seriously. For a County Democratic Chairman to turn his back on these principles is an embarrassment, an insult to valued members of the larger Democratic coalition, and a distraction which only serves to move us backward, not ahead. Comments such as yours have only served to anger and insult many activists and voters, making the chief duty of any county Party Chairman - growing the Party - an impossibility for you to achieve as long as you remain the Chair.

Make no mistake - the divisiveness you have caused is no simple family squabble, which we Democrats often have, and even at times relish. Rather, your behavior has caused irreparable harm, from which it is already too late for any future attempt at atonement on your part to repair.

For these reasons, and with great regret, I respectfully but firmly ask for your immediate resignation as Bexar County Democratic Chairman.

State Senator Leticia Van de Putte

Travis County Democratic Party support Chairman Richie's call for Ramos to resign
March 17, 2011

The Democratic Party proudly supports inclusiveness and equality for all. We do not tolerate hate, bigotry or prejudice in language or actions.

We, the Travis County Democratic Party, State Democratic Executive Committee members, Texas Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee leadership listed below, wholeheartedly support Texas Democratic Party Boyd Richie’s call for Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Dan Ramos to resign. We are offended and outraged by the remarks made by Ramos in last week’s San Antonio Current as well as the remarks he made in his press conference held today. Under no circumstances do we support such hateful and outrageous opinions.

Andy Brown, Travis County Democratic Party Chair
Crystal Viagran, SDEC Committeewoman, SD 14
Garry Brown, SDEC Committeeman, SD 14
Jackie Soliz-Chapa, SDEC Committeewoman, SD 25
JC Dufresne, SDEC Committeeman, SD 25
Alelhie ‘Lila’ Valencia, SDEC Committeewoman, Hispanic Caucus
Eugenia Beh, SDEC Committeewoman, Asian American Democrats
Austin Adams, SDEC Committeeman, Environmental Democratic Caucus
Dennis Speight, Vice Chair for Finance, Texas Democratic Party
Amber Goodwin, Treasurer, Texas Democratic Party
Rene Lara, Secretary, Texas Democratic Party
Rick Cofer, Committeeman, Democratic National Committee

Members of Bexar Democrats Executive Committee call for Dan Ramos' resignation
March 16, 2011

As leaders and members of the Bexar County Democratic Party County Executive Committee (CEC) and other Democratic leaders in Bexar County, we join State Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie in calling upon Dan Ramos to resign as Chairman of the Bexar County Democratic Party.

His hateful, bigoted comments have no place in the Democratic Party. We are a party of inclusiveness that supports and promotes equality, diversity and tolerance. The comments of Mr. Ramos are not reflective of our party’s philosophy and we condemn and disavow the comments and opinions he expressed.

Mr. Ramos has proven he does not support nor represent our party’s ideas and, therefore, we call upon him to resign immediately. Bexar County Democrats deserve someone who can provide more unifying leadership as County Chair.

Mary Ann Ramos Deputy County Chair, Precinct 1
Dee Villarrubia, Deputy County Chair, Precinct 2
Jamie Lewis,Deputy County Chair, Precinct 3
Ian StrausDeputy County Chair, Precinct 4
Nancy T. FromentSecretary, Bexar County Democratic Party
Choco Meza DNC Member; SDEC Member
Cheryl NovakSDEC Senate District 26
Ralph GalvanDNC Member, SDEC
Daniel Graney President, Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus
John CouragePresident, NE Bexar County Democrats
D’mitri KosubCo-Chair, CEC Budget & Finance Committee
Eduardo JuarezCo-Chair, Stonewall Democrats of SA
Todd HedleyCo-Chair, CEC Communications Committee
Mark CanannCo-Chair, Precinct Recruitment/ Training Comm.
Carla MercadoPrecinct Chair 3092
Joel A. MayerPrecinct Chair 2035
Pat GallowayPrecinct Chair 3090

State Chair Calls for Ramos to Resign
Press Release, March 12, 2011

Today, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie called for Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Dan Ramos to tender his resignation. Richie took the extraordinary action in an immediate response to statements made by Ramos in an article posted Friday by the San Antonio Current. Richie issued the following statement:

“From virtually the first day he took office, Dan Ramos has kept the Bexar County Democratic Party in a constant state of turmoil. He has consistently refused to follow the Bexar County Democratic Party Rules and the Texas Democratic Party Rules, failed to call or attend meetings required by the local Rules, failed to recognize properly established local committees and officers, refused to elect Precinct Chairs in the manner required by the Rules and the Texas Election Code, and failed to assist Democratic candidates seeking office.

“I will not dignify Mr. Ramos’ most recent outburst by restating it, but I will make it clear that the bigoted attitudes he expressed are totally contrary to the Beliefs and Declarations of the Texas Democratic Party. I am shocked and outraged that an individual who claims to be an officer of the Democratic Party would hold such positions and I’m appalled that he would make such absurd statements.

“For many months, Democratic Party officials and activists have petitioned the State Party to intercede in the Bexar County situation. Until recently I resisted those requests because I believed that the best remedy would be one crafted and agreed to by Democrats inside Bexar County. Just yesterday I sent a letter to Mr. Ramos and other concerned individuals inviting them to a sit-down to discuss the problem. I no longer believe that such a meeting would be useful or have any purpose. What is necessary is for Dan Ramos to immediately resign and allow the Bexar County Democratic Party to move forward with new, more unifying leadership.”

An Open Letter to Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos
March 12, 2011

Dear Chairman Ramos:

As President of the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus, I am writing this open letter in response to remarks you made that were posted on the blog of the San Antonio Current this past Friday, March 11. Since I also happen to live in Bexar County and am an elected Democratic Precinct Chair, I am personally motivated to respond.

I was appalled and saddened by your remarks in which you compare LGBT Democrats and Stonewall Democrats, in particular, to “termites” and the “Nazi Party”. You also falsely assume that the Stonewall Democrats is made up of almost exclusively Anglo members (“Nazis” in your words). If you would have bothered to learn more about our organization, you would have learned that Latinos occupy leadership positions in six of our biggest chapters in the state ( Dallas , Denton County , Houston , Rio Grande Valley , San Antonio and Tarrant County ).

Additionally, you attacked the African-American Community by implying that our African American brothers and sisters assume privileged status just because they are "black." Our history has shown that minorities of every color have fought hard to achieve equality in this society through protests, court battles and executive orders. To diminish that struggle by using a bad metaphor is disgusting.

These hateful remarks, laced with profanity, are unbecoming the honorable office to which you were elected.

As County Chair of the Bexar County Democratic Party, you are responsible for adhering to the 2010 Texas Democratic Party Platform, which includes "We believe in and support the repeal of discriminatory laws and policies against members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community."

Members of Stonewall Democrats across Texas strongly condemn the hateful language you used towards LGBT, African-American and Anglo Texans in the interview with the San Antonio Current. Our members, who come from every race and ethnicity believe in tolerance, acceptance and civility in our quest for equality in this nation. Your words do not reflect the true soul of the Texas Democratic Party and your words grossly misrepresent the mission and purpose of the Stonewall Democrats. You have embarrassed our elected officials, Democrats across Texas and, most acutely, the Bexar County Democratic Party.

I call on you to apologize for the offensive remarks you have made. If you cannot find it in your heart to apologize, then I ask you to do the honorable thing and step down as County Chair of the Bexar County Democratic Party.

Respectfully yours,

Daniel C. Graney
President, Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus
Bexar County Democratic Party Precinct Chair for Precinct 3122

Former County Chair Gabe Quintanilla calls for Ramos' resignation
March 13, 2011

Dan Ramos is obviously unfit for the office of County Chair. His comments are disgraceful, untrue, and un-American.

As a former County Chair, I have been fairly quiet on most matters pertaining to the local Democratic Party, but I cannot be silent any longer and also join with our State Party Chair in calling for Ramos' immediate resignation. His racist, confrontational rhetoric cannot be tolerated by any Democrat, and his attack on the gay/lesbian community is unprecedented and intolerable.

I urge all former County Chairs to condemn Ramos' actions and join the State Party Chair and me in calling for his immediate resignation.


Gabe Quintanilla
Bexar County Chairman, 2000-2004

Stonewall San Antonio Co-Chairs Release Statement on Dan Ramos
March 14, 2011

As you may have already heard, a San Antonio Current blog reported on March 11, 2011, that Bexar County Democratic Chair, Dan Ramos, made false, inflammatory, and derogatory remarks about our organization.

Mr. Ramos' remarks constitute atrocious falsehoods and baseless attacks on all Democrats, particularly LGBT Democrats. But, his divisive comments will fail: Bexar County and Texas Democrats, of all stripes, have already quickly and widely condemned his remarks, and we are united in our work to tackle the real and important issues we face. Indeed, Texas Democratic Party Chair, Boyd Richie, has already called for Mr. Ramos "to immediately resign and to allow the Bexar County Democratic Party to move forward with new, more unifying leadership."

We Democrats know that it is Mr. Ramos' discriminatory views about gays and lesbians that are "out of touch," with Texans' broad support for LGBT equality. See Equality Texas Poll 2010 at www.equalitytexas.org (poll showing majority support in Texas for various important LGBT civil rights).

Mr. Ramos' views are also wholly outdated. As early as the 1970s, Cesar Chavez, the Mexican-American civil rights icon, supported LGBT rights. In his keynote speech at the 1987 National LGBT March on Washington, Mr. Chavez stated: "Our movement has been supporting lesbian and gay rights for over 20 years. We supported lesbian and gay rights when it was just a crowd of ten people." See generally, "200,000 March in Capitol to Seek Gay Rights and Money for AIDS," New York Times, October 12, 1987.

We Stonewall Democrats-in San Antonio, Bexar County and Texas-will remain firm and united in our similarly long history supporting equality and justice for all-no matter their race, national origin, creed, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Elena Guarjardo, Co-Chair
Eduardo Juarez, Co-Chair
Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio