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Attorney for Taco Haven affiliated with anti-NDO groups
QSanAntonio, November 11, 2013

QSanAntonio has confirmed that the attorney for Taco Haven is affiliated with the Justice Foundation, one of the groups that opposed the passage of the city's nondiscrimination ordinance.

Allan Parker was identified as an "attorney for the (Torres) family" in a news item posted on the Texas Public Radio web site.

Parker has served as the president of the Justice Foundation since 1993, according to information posted on their web site.

During the NDO fight, Parker often served as a spokesman for groups who opposed the passage of the measure.

See link below to read Parker's comments to Texas Public Radio regarding the Taco Haven controversy.

This is a developing story.

Taco Haven caught in the middle of S.A.'s gay-rights debate
By Gilbert Garcia, Express-News.com, November 13, 2013
In this day of social media, we have viral outrage and instant protest. Information spreads faster but not necessarily better. We saw this phenomenon in action last weekend when a Yelp restaurant review of Taco Haven sparked a runaway brush fire of political recriminations.

NDO Debate Reignited At Popular Southtown Restaurant Taco Haven
Texas Public Radio, November 11, 2013
The debate over city council recalls and San Antonio's non-discrimination ordinance erupted this weekend at a favorite Southtown Mexican food eatery.

Taco Haven under fire after manager welcomes NDO opponents
QSanAntonio, November 10, 2013
The owners of Taco Haven in Southtown have come under fire after a review by a diner on Yelp.com described how the manager told the diner that he had permitted opponents of the city's nondiscrimination ordinance to set up table in front the restaurant. The protestors were seeking to collect signatures for the recall of Mayor Julian Castro and Councilman Diego Bernal.

Torres family issues statement
San Antonio Express-News, November 15, 2013

The Torres family issued the following statement to the Express-News:

“Throughout our history, we have openly welcomed people of all religious beliefs, political backgrounds and sexual orientations. If you have eaten here, you know this to be true!
“Recently, an employee expressed personal comments that do not reflect our views as a family and as the owners of a business. That employee has been reprimanded.

“We try to stay out of politics, but when friends have asked us to place their campaign posters up or to allow them to sign petitions, we have sometimes accommodated those personal requests, as well as requests by a wide variety of organizations to sell items on our property for fundraising purposes for educational and community causes.

“Now, because of our open attitude to community requests, we find ourselves caught in the middle of a volatile political debate going on here in San Antonio.

“We stand by our 45 year history of equal service to all! We, the Torres family, want to make clear that we have never denied service to anyone! Our business is open to all people, and we both welcome and embrace the diverse people who walk through our doors.”

What did Taco Haven really say?
By Randy Bear, Concerned Citizens, November 15, 2013
Reading the statement, it’s really hard to determine if the Torres family really moved from the position I realized earlier this week. Yes, I know they have no problem accepting the dollars of LGBT patrons. They’ve done it for years. After all, they’re located in Southtown. But they tried to mask the fact they also support groups opposed to the LGBT community, including on their business property.

Commentary: You can’t take our money and then fight us with it
By Randy Bear, Concerned Citizens, November 13, 2013
Just like the recall folks who have been twisting the language of the NDO to coerce people to gather signatures, the Torres family have leveraged the desire for tolerance by a community to mask their intolerance of that same community.

The destruction of the traditional family
By Sonja Harris, Texas GOP Vote, November 13, 2013
San Antonio passed the non discrimination ordinance on September 5 making San Antonio businesses vulnerable to ‘Freedom of Religion’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’ attacks. On Sunday, November 10, I spoke to the Torres brothers, Reggie and Jerry of Taco Haven.